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18 June 2014
Synthetic Aperture Updates Plug-ins for Adobe CC 2014
Synthetic Aperture announced today that Color Finesse™ 3 and Test Gear™ 2.5 have been updated to be fully compatible with Adobe® CC 2014.
View full press release. PDF PDF Version (92K, 2 pages)
Screen and Product Shots

Color Finesse
    Version 3.0 Screen Shot cf3screen.jpg RGB JPEG
    Colorociter CS-1 Product Shot colorocitercs1.jpg    RGB JPEG
Test Gear 2
    Version 2.5 Product Screen Shot     tg25screen.jpg RGB JPEG
    Version 2.0 Product Box Shot     tg20product.jpg RGB JPEG
Test Pattern Maker
    Test Pattern Maker Video Screen Shot     tpmvideo.tif RGB TIFF
    Test Pattern Maker Audio Screen Shot     tpmaudio.tif RGB TIFF

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