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Technical Support Knowledge Base

  We've compiled knowledge base articles and lists of frequently asked questions (with answers!) for each of our products. This is an excellent place to start when you have a question of problem.

Technical Support

  Technical support is available on our products by contacting us via email at Please be sure to include a complete description of the problem, the product you are having difficulty with, the version of your operating system and host application, and a description of your hardware.
Software Updates

  Version updates are available in our download area. To upgrade to the latest version of Color Finesse, Video Finesse, Echo Fire, Test Gear, or Test Pattern Maker, download the latest installer and perform a new installation using your existing serial number.
Product Registration

  You can register your product with us via our On-Line Product Registration Form. You can also register by mail or fax using the product registration form installed with your software.

Please note that if you don't register your software with us, we won't be able to help you in the event of a lost serial number.

Recommended Reading

  We're often asked for sources of additional information on color correction, compositing, and motion graphics in general. We have a list of books we recommend on our Recommended Reading page.
Synthetic Aperture User Forum

  Synthetic Aperture has a User Forum on CreativeCow where users of our products interact to exchange tips, information, viewpoints, insights, etc. among themselves. Company representatives also contribute to the discussions as appropriate.
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