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We've written a variety of articles offering tips and techniques for dealing with multimedia. To make it easier to locate them, we've organized them into several categories.

Color Correction Basics

FireWire and DV Video
  • FireWire to Video Converters. When working with DV video and FireWire connections, sooner or later you need to convert to analog video. This article lists dedicated converter boxes that are available to perform the task.
  • Converting Between QuickTime and AVI. Regardless of technical merits, there are times when you need to convert QuickTime movies to AVI movies and back. With some care and planning, it can be done successfully.
Digital Video
  • Calibrating Video Monitors. Having a properly calibrated video monitor ensures that the decisions you make about your video are based on a standard. This PDF document explains how you can calibrate your monitor.
  • Video Digitizing Tips and Tricks. A general overview of digitizing video and how to get better results.
Digital Video Codecs Digital Audio Recommended Reading

We're often asked for sources of additional information on color correction, compositing, and motion graphics in general. We have a list of books we recommend on our Recommended Reading page.

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